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Eden Wellness Co. was established with the purpose of helping women heal , nurture, and grow their true self through the practice of yoga and meditation. We believe that within each breath is an opportunity, and through intentional wellness you can reach your higher power. We work with women from every walk of life and pride ourselves on providing a safe space to relieve stress, strengthen your body, and connect with your womanhood. 

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"True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader."
-Yung Pueblo

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Improve your flexibility, align with your desires, and plant the seeds you need to grow into the best version of yourself. All from your living room. Candice Brown guides you through the journey of self-exploration through intentional meditation and the practice of yoga. These at-home wellness videos will help you any time, any where, and are a great stepping stone to getting started with a new wellness routine.

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